Electrical and automation control panels for industrial process control

With an innovative concept and features that allow greater flexibility for projects, Quasar Series rugged panels form the complete solution for the operational control and management of your business. The series is composed by electrical and automation panels, general low voltage switchboards, distribution boards, and intelligent motor control centers (CCMi).
Get to know everything about Quasar products and discover how our panels can boost the performance of your processes while protecting the physical integrity of your employees.

Increase the security and reliability of your business

The family`s equipment are characterized by high modularity and interchangeability, differentials that allow the reduction of installation costs and downtime for maintenance. Quasar line products also prevent greater loses in the failure of some loads or devices.

CCM panels are used to control loads and electric motors through their fixed or removable units (drawers). CDC (Charge Distribution Center) type panels are used for power distribution to CCMs, large motors or other types of low voltage panels. The concept of intelligent CCM (CCMi) completes the Quasar Series as a great differential. It allows connectivity to field networks through the PROFIBUS-DP protocol, enabling remote access for configuration, supervision and maintenance management.


Products in compliance with the strictest standards of protection, giving greater security to users and systems


Specifications and advanced features to ensure full control over business operation and performance


The series features numerous options and specifications to suit the needs of the industry


With modular architecture, Quasar products allow a wide variety of configurations for your application

Control your energy efficiently

Learn how Quasar Series automation and electrical panels can help you with this demand.

Smart and Manageable

Quality and Safety

Modular Architecture

Custom Products

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