Need help? Talk to our Technical Support!

Composed by experienced specialists, with deep technical knowledge, our Support team is highly qualified to give technical assistance, either preventive or corrective, for all products commercialized by Altus.
We are a hundred percent available to solve problems, answer questions and help you to optimize your application’s performance.

What can we do for you?

With a high-qualified team of specialists, our technical support engineers are capable of providing fast and effective assistance. We have several ways to have doubts solved, find solutions for problems and help you to potentialize your applications performance.

Help Desk

Our support call center counts on a logging system for doubts and failures with capacity to store customers’ history, offering specialized customer service in three levels:
Level I – Immediate solution, when the service is done at only one interaction;
Level II – When there is the need for information from documents or external sources;
Level III – When the development team needs to intervene.


Technical Assistance and Repair

Our customers count on a highly skilled team to do equipment repair in an effective and quick way. With a full range of replacement parts in stock, the company also offers an emergency repairing service for urgent demands, which avoids unexpected maintenance halts on the customer’s production process.

Shipping Procedures

In case you need to send equipment for maintenance, the following steps should be observed:
1 – Contact Altus through the following e-mail address: with information related to the defective product
2 – Altus RMA team will send instructions about the shipment of the items to Altus;
3 – Send detailed information about the failure found on the equipment to . The equipment should be sent to Altus headquarters after Altus authorizes the shipment. Altus will not accept items sent without approval.
Headquarters address:
Altus Sistemas de Automação S.A.
CNPJ 92.859.974/0001-43
IE 124/0282467
Av. Theodomiro Porto da Fonseca, 3101 Lote 1
CEP 93022-715 - Bairro Cristo Rei
São Leopoldo/RS

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Here, you can find technical documentation, software, tutorials and marketing materials for all products commercialized by Altus.
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