A differentiated experience on systems control and supervision

Solution for supervision, control and data acquisition, BluePlant combines design, performance and high connectivity in a system full of features and functionalities. With an attractive and intuitive visual, the tool offers a client-server architecture with many options of communication tags quantities, in addition to debugging tools.
Get to know more about BluePlant and allow yourself to have a complete differentiated experience with Altus SCADA/HMI solution.

A versatile solution for all sizes of applications

By having high adaptation capabilities, the system can be applied to any type of Project, which allows users to remotely connect and develop their programming or work simultaneously in a collaborative way with other developers. This feature speeds up the application’s development providing more reliability and security to the system.

In addition, Blueplant can be applied to different segments of the industry, such as Building Automation, Agrobusiness, Sanitation, Transport, Steel Industry, Food, Mining, among many others.


High Quality Graphics in an environment with intuitive configuration and operation


Scalable and adaptable architecture for several industrial segments


Safety, redundancy and high performance for systems that cannot stop


Support to the main communication drives used in the industrial market

A supervision solution as big as your business

Available on Enterprise, Lite, Student and Express versions, BluePlant can be adapted to your needs.

Advanced Diagnostics

Graphical Features


Larger reliability

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