Precision and reliability for control and instrumentation whit HART® technology

With a wide variety of HART® equipment for monitoring and positioning field instruments, Atta Series has essential products for your instrumentation demands. Find out more about Atta Series products and discover the ideal solution to increase the accuracy and control level of your business.

Accuracy and ruggedness for your business

Just like ants, that use the vibrations of the soil to get oriented through the steppes and savannahs, your business also needs devices with a high level of precision to monitor performance and adjust critical points in your production processes. This Altus series of HART® equipment includes pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and valve positioners, in addition to specific software and accessories for the demands of field instrumentation.

The products feature high accuracy, reliability and ruggedness capable of increasing the productivity and efficiency of your processes, providing more security to the operation and reducing your production costs. In addition, with the use of tools based on EDDL and FDT/DTM it is possible to configure, calibrate, monitor and verify diagnostics of all the assets of your plant.

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