Take control over your business with Nexto Series programmable controllers

Nexto Series is an advanced automation system capable of controlling, in a distributed and redundant way, complex industrial processes, machines and high performance production lines. Modern and fast, Nexto products are based on cutting edge technology in order to provide trustworthiness and connectivity, contributing to your business productive growth.

Advanced resources and integrated environment

Integrating functions present in Distributed Process Control Systems, Nexto products count on advanced features, such as hot swapping, CPU redundancy, I/O expansion module capacity and scalar architecture based on deterministic Ethernet, for all steps of an application’s life cycle. The series programmable controllers feature high flexibility, which enhances the development of the application, reducing engineering costs and commissioning in one and only control platform with integrated programming environment (IEC 61131-3).

Check here how the most Altus advanced series of programmable controllers can help and maximize your business performance.


For machines and all sizes of systems, redundant or distributed.


Compact and rugged design to precisely execute multiple diagnostics.


Availability and high reliability for security instrumented systems.


Fast processing and high performance in a user-friendly platform.

The ideal solution for your business

Independently of your demand, the technology embedded in Nexto Series products is capable of optimizing the performance of your application. Make your choice and find out which solutions meet your needs.


Distributed Systems


Easy programming

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