Altus 39 years

Altus 39 years

Today, Altus turns 39! It`s been nearly four decades developing and producing the technology that drives the industry.

During our history, we have led complex projects in different areas, such as the construction of the Urucu-Manaus gas pipeline, the modernization of the Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex and the automation of the E&P Pre-salt platforms.

However, the events of the last two years have proved to be as challenging as these big projects. The pandemic shook the world globally, causing people and organizations to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new reality.

As drivers of innovation, we kept our investments in technological research and development to continue offering disruptive solutions capable of adding high value to our clients` businesses.

Even with these changes, we have preserved our essence, the DNA carried by our people since 1982: a robust company, with developed intellectual property, based on solid values and driven by challenges.

Thank you for partnering in these changing times and, as always, for trusting Altus!