[Nexto Series]

Nexto Xpress - Getting Started

Welcome to Nexto Xpress’ first steps guide, your front gate to the Industry 4.0. In this guide, it will be demonstrated how to connect Nexto Xpress ...

[Nexto Series]

Adjustment of the IP Adress through TAG`s

IP Change via ApplicationController`s IP address, sub-net mask and gateway changes can be performed at runtime by the PLC application using function blo...

[Nexto Series]

Changing application state by user program

Changing application state by user programIn this tutorial are described the guidelines and procedures for change state of your PLC using the user progr...


Use MasterTool IEC XE help

If you need to know more about variable declaration, use of function blocks, electrical characteristics of products, pinout of serial ports, among other...

[Nexto Series]

CANopen Low Level

1) IntroductionNexto Xpress controllers contains a CAN bus interface compliant with CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B standards (11-bit and 29-bit identifiers). The...

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