Speed and the best cost for systems control

In addition to rugged equipment that meet the requirements of large applications, Nexto Series programmable controllers have a set of CPUs and I/O modules for small and medium size applications.

Versatility and economy for your business

Maintaining essential specifications of the other PLCs of the Series, Nexto Jet equipment presents itself as the best cost-effective set for both machines and distributed systems. Compact and with high performance, the equipment can be used with the main products of the Series, such as CPUs, racks, communication modules and field networks.

Through the NX3003 CPU, the first unit with a power supply and embedded I/O points, the line has the ability to read and write in a SQL Server database, which enables it to interact with ERP systems, giving more depth to the analysis of scenarios and agility for decision making. The CPU also features reading and processing of PID variables to control positioning, speed, temperature, humidity and other aspects seen in refrigeration and atmospheric control systems.

As it is integrated with MasterTool IEC XE, the series programming software (free with up to 320 points) and uses the field heads and racks of the Nexto family, Nexto Jet products enable the application to be expanded and used with the series I/O modules, protecting the investment made in the automation system, ensuring technological updates and future improvements.


For small and medium size machines and distributed systems.


Fast processing and high performance on an easy-to-use platform


Expansion capability of up to 10 I/O modules in the same rack as the CPU.


CPU with 4 ms response time per cycle and built-in fast inputs and outputs.

High performance at low cost

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NX3003 CPU

I/O modules

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