Altus arrives in Portugal through new commercial partner

Altus arrives in Portugal through new commercial partner

We arrived in Portugal! Altus`s expansion moves continue in 2018, with the establishment of new alliances and the implementation of projects in strategic regions of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Among these actions is the prospection of commercial partners that can help in the insertion of our technology in the varied local markets, such as the Asian Messung and Crevis, who joined the team Altus at the turn of last year. The newest member of this team was officialized in June, when the Portuguese Partyard became the first distributor of Altus equipment in the Iberian Peninsula.

Headquartered in Setúbal, a port city close to the main capitals of the Euro Zone and, also, the countries to the north of the African continent, the company has tactical importance for the Altus movements on the other side of the Atlantic. By its privileged position, Partyard can be a gateway for the controllers of the Nexto Series and the Hadron Xtorm Remote Terminal Units, a channel for products developed in Brazil to access the local industry. In addition to reaching businesses where our technological solutions can represent a differential, optimizing processes and delivering high value to the customer, the new partnership will also act as a distributor, providing products to other Altus pairs in the region.

Altus around the world

In making this partnership more concrete, we extend another arm towards new domains and opportunities, as we take another important step towards the company`s global breadth. Today, the Altus brand circulates through more than 30 countries of the European, Asian, African and American continents - both through its own presence and through partnerships with different companies.

The recent results achieved in Africa and Europe ratify the potential of national technology to overcome barriers and reach new territories. Over the past few months, our products have been used as a control and automation solution in a sanitation project in Cameroon, in an atmospheric control machine in Sweden and on the assembly line of a manufacturer of UK frequency inverters.