Altus completes 41 years of innovation and great challenges

Altus completes 41 years of innovation and great challenges

Few companies manage to reach the milestone of 41 years of existence with as much success and relevance as Altus. Since its founding on October 26, 1982, Altus has been a notable figure in the industrial automation technology sector. With a trajectory marked by innovation, commitment to quality and overcoming challenges, the company has become a reference in products and solutions for industrial automation.

To get an idea of this relevance, the technology developed and manufactured by the company is responsible for 35% of all Brazilian oil and gas production and 20% of the amount of electrical energy generated and consumed by the Brazilian energy grid. The company is also a brand in full expansion. Currently, the company`s products are present in applications across the most varied segments in more than 40 countries.

Thank you for accompanying us on this journey so far. We still have many challenges to face, and we hope to continue counting on your company and partnership throughout the next stages of the journey.

The great challenges in Altus’ history

As one of the longest-running technology companies in Latin America, Altus has had remarkable adventures in the jungle, at sea and even on ice. One of the biggest challenges we have ever faced was the construction of the Urucu-Manaus gas pipeline, a 662 km long pipeline that crosses the Amazon Rainforest. Another equally extraordinary project led by the company was the modernization of the Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex, in Bahia. The project concentrates some of the plants with Altus technology which, together with other units, are responsible for producing around 20% of the energy consumed in the country.

Another example of an immense challenge that we overcame with flying colors throughout our history, perhaps the most significant of them, was the automation of Petrobras` E&P platforms. Installed in the Brazilian pre-salt exploration region, the units operate based on technology and engineering solutions developed by Altus. Recognized for their productivity and availability, FPSOs account for around 35% of all oil and gas produced in Brazil, currently the ninth largest producer in the world.

In addition to the technical complexity, language and culture were also factors that contributed to increasing the level of challenge of this project, since two of the units in operation today in the Pre-salt were built and commissioned in shipyards in China! To further fulfill this great mission, our engineers had to have the flexibility and resilience to work, literally, in international waters.

Today, we have new challenges to face in different areas, such as Transport, Sanitation, Agriculture and Education, in addition to sustaining the international growth of the business, which continues to expand to more territories.

The internationalization of the Altus brand

The international market, however, is not new to us, as we have been selling our products in countries on different continents since 1988, the year in which we made our first exports to Germany. However, with the international expansion strategy that we have implemented since 2016, the reach of our technology has extended to the most diverse territories. Over the last 5 years, we have consolidated our position in Europe and South America, expanded operations to West Asia, intensified the opening of channels in North America and taken our first steps to access the Oceania market.

Today, our products can be found in countries such as Sweden, the international territory with the largest number of Altus PLCs sold in 2023, USA, Canada, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, India, Taiwan, Emirates United Arabs, South Africa, Morocco, among others. This year, we even reached a new record for the volume of equipment sold to the foreign market. Although the global industry is still recovering, resuming activities after the reduction resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, our results in the domestic and international markets have been fantastic.

Invest to keep evolving

As drivers of innovation, Altus maintains a constant and growing investment in technological research and development. In addition to all the achievements and results achieved by the company, 2023 also marks the year with the highest volume of investment in RD&I by the company. More than necessary, this movement is essential so that Altus can continue offering disruptive solutions capable of adding high value to its customers` businesses.

This constant investment provides the development of new products and the implementation of improvements in the company`s already consolidated series, such as the new communication and security features embedded in the Nexto Xpress PLCs.

Altus continues to follow its path of success not only looking to the past, but also to the future. The commitment to investment in technological research and development reflects the company`s determination to remain at the forefront of innovation. With the introduction of new products and improvements to already consolidated series, the company reinforces its commitment to providing disruptive solutions that meet the constantly evolving needs of its customers.

The future of Altus is promising and we are completely motivated to continue creating products and solutions capable of shaping the technology landscape for industrial automation in Brazil and beyond.