Know NX5101, new Nexto Series MODBUS head

Know NX5101, new Nexto Series MODBUS head

09 Ago 2018

After having the new NX3003 CPU added to its industrial automation and process control basket, Altus welcomes one more item with power supply and embedded I/O. The NX5101 MODBUS slave-server remote comes to improve Nexto Series programmable controllers already multifunctional versatility.

The new member of our most advanced PLC`s family, comes as the best cost-effective solution for distributed applications of up to 184 points. The product counts on a 10W power supply, 14 embedded digital inputs and 10 transistor outputs, which allow it to be used as a unique equipment for remote management, without the need for additional I/O modules. These features turn the head into the ideal equipment for applications in building automation, such as access management, illumination and thermic comfort of environments.  

This model also counts on fieldbus expansion of up to 10 modules, a feature that perfectly matches Nexto Jet digital and analogic I/O modules group. By putting it together with Jet modules, the user gets more reach and versatility, being able to use the architecture in slightly bigger applications, such as the demands of Sanitation and Agroindustry. The product comes out as a good reduction of cost in development and projects implementation, since it is not necessary to have a CPU running in each of the application processes, but remote-heads communicating with the central CPU.

As well as other Nexto Family products, the new slave-server module features operational status diagnostics and check through LED, web pages, panel display and tools found in MODBUS protocol itself. The product also offers advanced resources such as One Touch Diag (OTD), Easy Plug System (EPS) and Multiple Block Storage (MBS), in addition to its concept of meeting the requirements of European Directives (CE) and RoHS certificate. However, it is not hot swappable as its predecessor NX5100.