Altus will attend to SPS 2023

Altus will attend to SPS 2023

From November 13th to 14th, will be in Germany attending to the SPS - Smart Production Solutions 2023, one of the most important industrial automation trade fairs in the world. Covering the entire spectrum of intelligent and digital automation, the event brings together more than 1,500 exhibitors from different countries in a pluralistic exchange environment. With more than 40 years of experience in the market, Altus will be demonstrating its novelties in IIoT products and solutions to meet the control and supervision demands of the industry.

People who pass through the Altus space at CODESYS booth (677), in pavilion 7, will be able to check out the technology of our main series of products, such as NX3008, Nexto Series most advanced CPU, and the XP350, compact PLC with Motion Control from the Nexto Xpress line.

A global CPU to integrate your business into the 4.0 universe

CPU NX3008 em rackThe main attraction that we will take to the fair will be the NX3008, a new high performance CPU from the Nexto Series of programmable controllers. The launch comes as a complete solution for machine and process applications, delivering performance, connectivity and versatility for the most varied demands of Industry 4.0. With advanced security and virtualization features, the product arrives as a complete solution for systems in different segments and with the most varied complexities.

The new CPU operates on a high-speed 64-bit single core ARM processor with a 1 GHz clock, which allows it to process over 1,000 PID loops in up to 2 milliseconds, making it 10x faster than previous models. line predecessors. To ensure the completeness of the application for which it is responsible, the unit has an energy storage system for retentivity with 1 MB of capacity. 

MRP ringThe new Nexto Series control device has 02 Ethernet interfaces which support the PROFINET Controller communication protocol, which allows the controller to be used in a network with MRP ring architecture. The controller also counts on 01 Gigabit Ethernet port. In addition to the Ethernet ports, the CPU also has an RS-485 port and a CAN port, a USB 2.0 interface and a MicroSD memory card. In addition to PROFINET Controller, the device also supports EtherNet/IP, OPC DA/UA, MQTT, EtherCAT Master, MODBUS TCP and RTU, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen and J-1939 and IEC 60870-5-104 standards.

In addition to the highlights related to hardware upgrades, the unit also has new software features for cybersecurity, connectivity and virtualization. One of these features is the embedded VPN, which creates a private tunnel connecting directly to the CPU. This functionality allows you to access your business`s control network remotely and completely securely. To further enhance product security, CPU also has a firewall feature.

The new Altus CPU also supports FTP connections, which enables the device to exchange data with a server that uses this technology model. This functionality allows data packets generated by the controller, such as logs collected through a datalogger function, to be accessed remotely.

Another new feature available is its embedded Docker platform*. The feature, native to the CPU, makes it possible to virtualize software developed for operating systems with Unix technology. The feature gives more versatility and speed to the operation of the system, as it allows the processing of multiple data within the CPU itself.

*Under development.

XP350, Nexto Xpress Motion Control PLC

Designed to deliver performance and high connectivity to the most varied industry processes, the Nexto Xpress family has different options of multifunctional programmable controllers prepared to connect your business to the IIoT Universe. Now, to further increase its versatility, the Xpress line gains a new member developed to meet the demands of packaging machines and material assembly lines. Meet the new XP350, the first PLC Motion Control from the Nexto Xpress line.

Click here to access the official landing page and learn more about the Altus new PLC.

The IoT-ready PLC designed for Motion Control demands

Compact and with high processing speed, a trademark of Nexto Xpress controllers, the new PLC IoT-ready XP350 also features high I/O density, fast embedded inputs and outputs, Ethernet and USB interfaces, RS-485 serial port and CANopen Master. Like the other products in the line, the new Xpress unit is mounted on a DIN rail, Real Time Clock (RTC), Data Logger type function block, conformal coating and supports the main communication protocols on the market.

With software based on the CODESYS technological platform, the product has the capacity to interact with different brokers in order to communicate with web service platforms, such as Node-Red, connection with the main cloud hosting services and to write directly in the databases of the SQL type.

Complete solution for precise motion control

Created to add safety and flexibility to machines and processes that demand precise movement control, the new member of the Xpress family is capable of operating in loops with up to 4 motion control axes (X, Y, Z and A). Used in conjunction with Altus` new fast response and high performance servo drivers, the XP350 PLC comprises a complete motion control solution for applications where power, efficiency and precision of movement are essential.

To meet this demand for high precision in machines and processes, the new Altus controller, as well as the servo drivers, supports EtherCAT Master and CANopen, two of the main communication protocols used in the segment. and the PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 library. In addition, it supports PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 function blocks for single-axis command, multi-axis synchronization, electronic gearing (CAME), special editor for planning motions (CAM), among others. others.

Do you want to know more about the new PLC of the Nexto Xpress solution? Click here to access the official landing page of the product, download the technical documentation and receive a contact from our commercial team