Your Gateway to Industry 4.0

Designed to meet the demands of machines and small processes, Nexto Xpress compact PLC is a complete solution for advanced applications, deploying performance and connectivity with a very cost-effective device.

Connect your business to the IoT universe

Created to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, the programmable controllers comes in four models that are different in number of points and communication ports: XP300, XP315, XP325, XP340 and XP350. All models have 16 digital inputs, 16 digital transistor outputs, 01 Ethernet port, 01 RS-485 standard Serial, 01 CAN and 01 USB interface. However, the XP315 PLC has also 02 RTD analogue two and three-wire RTD inputs and 5 analog inputs for voltage and current. The XP325 e and XP340 models have all these features along 04 analog outputs.

The XP325 and XP340 models have all these features plus 4 analog outputs, with the difference that the XP340 PLC also counts on WebServer support, a tool that allows the creation of supervision and application monitoring screens without the need to use a SCADA software.

The XP350 PLC has the same features available on the XP315, plus Motion Control tools, such as support for PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 function blocks for single axis command, multi axis synchronization, electronic gear (CAME), special editor to plan movements (CAM), among others.

Like other members of the Nexto family, the Xpress PLC also uses the CODESYS technology platform with configuration via MasterTool IEC XE, a free programming software with scalability for micro to large projects.

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Various resources for sanitation, building, textile, food, transportation and OEM applications


Massive Design (212,5 x 90,1 x 32,2 mm) for application in extremely small spaces


Update time lower than one millisecond, one of the fastest in the market


Vast options of communication interface and support for the main Ethernet and Fieldbus protocols

Connectivity and high performance

Discover how to leverage your business and your customers` business with the PLCs of the Nexto Xpress solution

IoT Connection

Advanced Processing

Distributed Systems

Easy Programing

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