Altus virtualization and cybersecurity solutions at Distributech 2024

Altus virtualization and cybersecurity solutions at Distributech 2024

As turning Altus into a global brand is one of our main goals for the next year, we continue to engage in actions that allow us to expand our reach and strengthen the company`s image in different territories. To start our journey through the globe in 2024, from February 27th to 29th, we will be attending the Distributech Conference & Exhibition. Held in Orlando, United States, the fair is the main event for the power segment in the North American market and focuses on energy generation, distribution and transmission applications.

This year, we returned to the event to present the latest software and hardware features of the Nexto Series PLCs and the new technologies that we have been working on to meet the demands of the control and automation market. The main highlight will be the NX3008 CPU, a product with advanced software and cybersecurity features capable of dynamically integrating a company`s IT and TA areas. We will be also presenting the well-stablished IoT-ready PLCs from Nexto Xpress and their new featuresand its new features.

Come to visit Altus at Distributech Conference & Exhibition 2024 and get to know all that your business can achieve by applying the high-technology of our products. We will be waiting for you at booth 643 of the Orange County Convention Center. 

Check more details about Altus products and their countless application possibilities.

Distributed control and local processing with the NX3008 CPU

NX3008 CPUDesigned to meet both the demands of distributed control and edge control applications, the NX3008 CPU has software and hardware resources that allow it to be used as a control solution in the most varied applications on the market. One of the main features on the product is its embedded Docker platform for on-site data processing. Native to the CPU, the tool makes it possible to virtualize software developed for operating systems with Unix technology. As it allows the processing of multiple data within the CPU itself, the feature gives more versatility and performance to the system.

In full compliance with the IoT universe, the CPU allows you to input data directly to SQL databases and interact with the most relevant cloud hosting services on the market, such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google One and Amazon AWS. The product distinguishes itself from most PLCs on the market by featuring an embedded WebServer. The tool enables the creation of supervision and application monitoring screens, eliminating the requirement for a SCADA system.

Another differentiating feature present in the product is the built-in VPN, which creates a private tunnel connecting directly to the CPU. This functionality enables secure remote access to your business`s control network. To further increase product security, the CPU has a firewall feature.

Altus`s most advanced CPU also supports FTP connections, which enables the device to exchange data with a server that uses the same technology. This functionality allows remote access to data packages generated by the controller, including logs collected through a datalogger function.

In terms of hardware, the NX3008 CPU has a wide variety of communication interfaces capable of connecting the equipment to the most different systems and machines on the market. The control device is equipped with three Ethernet ports, one of which is Gigabit Ethernet, while the other two support the PROFINET Controller communication protocol. These ports enable the controller`s utilization in ring-type network architectures with high-performance protocols like MRP.


In addition to the NX3008, the Nexto Series programmable controllers also have other advanced CPUs capable of meeting the most complex market demands, such as the automation of different processes in GTD units. With high processing speed, advanced real-time diagnostics and support for network redundancy, Nexto programmable controllers deliver security and high availability, and can be used to acquire and transmit signals between generating units and other devices that are part of the application.

Nexto Xpress, Altus all-in-one PLC

In addition to the robust Nexto Series products, the company will also present the Nexto Xpress IoT-ready PLC solution and its new features. With diverse interfaces and support for a wide variety of communication protocols, Altus` compact controllers can be applied to a wide variety of industrial market processes. Among their many features, Xpress products can be used as IoT gateways for small applications. The family`s PLCs could, for example, collect data in the production sector of an industry via MODBUS TCP and send it via OPC UA or MQTT to a supervisory system hosted in the cloud.

Regarding communication, the family`s products have built-in Ethernet, Serial RS-485, CAN and USB interfaces, features that enable support for a wide list of communication protocols, such as MODBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, CANopen, OPC UA , MQTT, among others. The features also allow the controller to communicate directly with the main cloud hosting services on the market. Furthermore, the XP340 model, like the NX3008 CPU, also has WebServer support.

Xpress products, as well as other equipment in the Nexto Series, use the MasterTool IEC XE programming software, a technological platform based on CODESYS with scalability for micro to large projects (free up to 320 I/O points). Have you downloaded the latest version of MasterTool IEC XE software? Click on the banner below to download it.


Nexto solution for accurate Motion Control 

Another feature available in the Nexto Xpress line is support for Motion Control to control machine movement with a high level of precision. Available on the XP350 PLC, the feature adds security and flexibility to machines and processes that require precise movement control. With the capability to function within loops encompassing up to four motion control axes (X, Y, Z, and A), this PLC forms an integral part of a comprehensive motion control solution, delivering essential power, efficiency, and precision in movement. 

To meet this demand for high precision in machines and processes, the XP350 controller supports EtherCAT Master and CANopen, two of the main communication protocols used in the segment. In addition, it also counts on PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 function blocks for single-axis command, multi-axis synchronization, electronic gear (CAME), special editor for planning movements (CAM), among others.