Nexto Xpress PLCs awarded with DNV certification

Nexto Xpress PLCs awarded with DNV certification

Keeping its path of constant evolution and seeking to qualify even more its products mix, Altus has just been awarded with the DNV certification for Nexto Xpress programmable controllers. Both the compact controllers and the CPUs and communication modules of Nexto modular line now are listed in accordance to Det Norske Veritas safety standards. The certification is a requirement from companies located in Asia, Europe and North America for programmable controllers use in maritime applications, such as control systems in yachts, cruising ships, cargo vessels and Oil & Gas platforms

The series equipment have been certified on Type Approval category, in which process involves testing of the development and production system of products such as Nexto programmable controllers. The certification was given to all the PLCs from the line, XP300, XP315, XP325 and XP340, which ensures the high level of the products, the quality of its production chain, the hardware ruggedness and its high availability in applications for high sea structures. In addition to enabling Altus to explore new territories overseas, this milestone reinforces Nexto’s concept as an extremely reliable world-class product. 

With DNV certification, Altus strengthens its intention to expand to new markets and segments, reinforcing the worldwide presence of the brand, while reassures its commitment to supply quality products and complete solutions.

Click here and check Altus registry in Det Norske Veritas website.

Nexto UL and cUL certification

In addition to the DNV standard, Nexto Series products and Nexto Xpress IoT-ready PLCs also bear the UL and cUL certificate, a mandatory requirement for exporting products to the United States and Canada. The equipment is certificates in the NRAQ category, regulated by the UL61010-1 and UL61010-2-201 safety standards. While the UL61010-1 standard talks about general safety requirements for measuring, controlling and laboratory equipment, the UL61010-2-201 involves the safety specific conditions for controlling equipment (PLCs).

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