Discover the protocols available on each of the Nexto Series CPUs

Discover the protocols available on each of the Nexto Series CPUs

11 Jul 2017

Consolidated in the domestic market and with increasing penetration in the international scenario, Nexto Series programmable controllers are the key responsible for keeping businesses in operation in most areas of the industry. In addition to advanced features and high technology embedded in its vast product offering, Altus` family of controllers also stands out for the wide range of communication protocols which it works with. These differentials, combined with features such as hot swap and high speed, make Nexto one of the most versatile controllers in the world’s automation market.

Through the integrated ports on CPUs and communication interfaces, all Series modules provide hardware and software support for the more traditional field network protocols such as MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU / TCP, PROFIBUS-DP, EtherNet / IP Scanner, OPC DA, OPC UA and MQTT. These options alone would already give the Nexto family the possibility of being used in most existing automation systems. However, to give more freedom of development and to contemplate markets that use different communication standards, some of the series CPUs still have support for the EtherNet/IP Adapter, IEC 60870-5-104 Server, EtherCAT Master and Web Server protocols.

Find out more about these protocols and in which Nexto Series CPUs they are available on:

EtherNet / IP Adapter

Most used protocol in industrial Ethernet networks, EtherNet / IP connects the Nexto controller to other field devices that speak the same language, such as drives, scales, sensors and multimeters. As it is a Publisher Subscriber protocol, the use of EtherNet / IP drastically reduces data traffic on the network, which results in a considerable speed gain.

Available on all Nexto Series models, except on the Xpress line of compact controllers.

EtherCAT Master

Third most widely used Ethernet protocol in the industry, the use of EtherCAT has been growing, mainly in applications in Europe and the Middle East. Created to be used in solutions that require the use of a high-speed deterministic network, the protocol is capable of transferring data with predictable timing and precise synchronization. By having an open standard and high precision control, the language is commonly used in applications such as high-performance machine design and motor control.

Available on NX3020 and NX3030 models.

IEC 60870-5-104 Server

With an Ethernet TCP / IP interface, the protocol was created by the International Electrotechnical Commission to communicate with SCADA or HMI supervisory systems in small electrical applications, such as SHPs and small residential or industrial substations. Predominant in the European market, the protocol`s native resources, such as the time stamp on events, allow the Nexto controller to act as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

Available on NX3005, NX3020 and NX3030 models.

Web Server

To give the user more flexibility and agility in the development of small and medium sized applications, Nexto Series controllers offer the WebServer, a system that allows the creation of supervision and monitoring screens without the need of a SCADA software. The tool is embedded in the programmable controller’s memory and can be accessed through the web browser of any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) connected to the network.

Available on NX3005 and XP340 models.


PROFIsafe is the most widely used secure communication protocol in the industrial automation segment. The protocol reduces the likelihood that an error in data transmission between a controller and a safe I / O module will occur. The protocol is extremely versatile, as it allows the construction of applications with mixed networks (safe and conventional in the same field network), where it is able to coexist with other communication protocols, such as PROFIBUS-DP.

Available on model NX3810.