Discover Altus solutions for control and instrumentation

Discover Altus solutions for control and instrumentation

Altus is starting a new cycle in its history! Through an innovative partnership with Vivace Process Instruments, we now have a line of instruments of the highest level.

We are venturing down new paths in the engineering world, a natural evolution that has turned into an exciting new challenge. Over the years, the experience we have acquired in product development and automation projects has been pointing towards providing a more complete, integrated, dynamic and efficient solution.

Seeking continuous improvement, greater integration and better dynamics in the systems it supplies, Altus decided to expand its range of products in the area of industrial automation. Thus, being present in a broader way in industrial processes.

We can say that we are able to offer a more complete engineering solution to our customers. We have products that cover the field interfaces on the factory floor, going through our already established programmable logic controllers, to supervisory systems and HMI`s.

We are also able to use the most modern data processing and cloud integration techniques. This way, we can offer a solution that covers all areas of industrial processes.

Altus instrumentation solution

The Atta Series instruments have a wide range of calibration, enclosures with certificates for hazardous areas, rotary display, transient protection, no polarity, robust hardware, 2-wire (4-20 mA) output signal and version 7 HART protocol communication.

As everyone knows, the HART protocol adds great value to automation systems, enabling a more optimized management of instruments. Through communication with the NX6014 I/O card, we can, today, read the multiple variables made available by field instruments in a simple way, directly in the asset management system, without the need to use any type of gateway.

To facilitate instrument calibration and access to HART variables, we provide our customers with two distinct interfaces on the VCI10-BH and VCI10-U products, both of which are easy to handle and integrate with smartphones, tablets and notebooks through the already renowned Bluetooth and USB technologies.

Our VPT10 and VPT11 sensors work with pressure measurement through capacitive or piezo resistive cells, for absolute, gauge or differential pressure reading. These sensors have the options of mounting in support and connection to the process through manifold, connected directly to the process line or by flange. We also have 2 accuracy classes and 7 different calibration ranges.

Furthermore, we offer sensors for the measurement of flow and density, using orifice plate or pitot tube, and pressure transmitters, also able to read the level in open or closed tanks and vessels.

Atta transmitters and positioners

Always seeking to innovate and solve its customers` problems, Altus implements the latest technologies in its products. To maintain this trademark of innovation and commitment to the customer, we present the VDL10 transmitter, which aims to solve measurement error problems, using remote seal technology, errors that can occur due to the distances of the impulse sockets as a function of temperature variations between the sample point and the sensor.

To solve this problem, we invested in the electronic seal technology, using 2 capacitive and micro-processed sensors that communicate through 1 data cable. We can disregard this error and use sample takings with much greater distances between sensors.

We also have different models of temperature transmitters to meet varied needs, all with the possibility of reading RTD, TC, Ohm, mV sensors and 2-wire output (4 – 20 mA + HART). Among these models, we have transmitters for field installation with rotating display, aluminum housing and certified for installation in hazardous areas (VTT10F), transmitters without display and without housing (VTT10H), transmitters for panel with DIN rail installation (VTT10M and VTT10P ) with the possibility of connecting between 1 and 6 sensors.

To meet the demand of valve control, we present the VTP10, an analog position transmitter for linear or rotary systems through sensors that work by magnetic effect. This measurement method has the advantage of not having physical contact, which ensures high accuracy and protection against mechanical variations.

Our position transmitter has an adjustable bracket that adapts to different types of valves. It also has the option of being installed away from the valve, facilitating access to the transmitter`s electronic parts. It can also be installed on a 2” tubular bracket with “U” clamp and auto switch extension cable that is positioned near the instrument.

Also in the line of control valves, we have the VVP10 positioner, designed to serve both linear and rotary valves. Our product has a high availability, reliability and precision technology that, together with HART communication, allows the reading of a large amount of information, which allows us to maintain an easy, predictive and more assertive maintenance.

Innovation and commitment to the customer

Finally, when we design a project where we can use several devices from the same supplier, we have the fantastic opportunity to facilitate and streamline the integration of systems, avoiding wasted hours in design, code and driver development to suit the communication characteristics for a particular piece of equipment. This allows you to focus more time on solving specific process issues and presenting a more rugged and customized solution for each customer.

This feature is of great value today, as we have less and less time to develop and commission overly complex projects. Let`s not forget that every second of a plant downtime can cost thousands of dollars.

Álvaro de Carvalho, Product Specialist

About the author
Álvaro Magnus de Carvalho began his career at Altus in 2008, as Application Designer in the Engineering team, participating in projects related to the Oil & Gas, Power and Infrastructure segments. In 2021, he assumed the position of Product Specialist with a focus on solutions for industrial instrumentation.