NX3003 Fast Inputs and Outputs

To carry out this tutorial, MasterTool software 3.12 or higher is required.

1. Project creation

Note that the configuration serves both the NX3003 and for the Xpress.

First open the CoDeSys software XE.

Click New Project.

Select Master Tool Pattern Design and name your project. Click OK.

In the next window select the device NX3003. Click Next.

In the next window click Next.

In the next window click Finish.

Once ready the screen will be shown as follows:

Now double-click Integrated I / O to access the input and output configurations of the NX3003. Select Fast Inputs.

Opening of the flaps of Inputs Fast arise several options that can be used.

All configuration possibilities of the 4 ports are shown in the table below:

2. Setting encoder quadrature

To configure the encoder quadrature is necessary to pay attention that you can not configure the ports to read. If Quadrature 2x or 4x only I0 and I2 doors are possible to be enabled.

But if you have to use Square, both as 2x 4x, through 0, only you can use the I0 port.

3. Setting Interruption with Comparison

Add a block in Ladder as shown below:

Again Integrated I / O set as follows:

In Counter0 it was set the interrupt task that will be called when the Counter0 (Input A) reaches the configured value in Comparer0.
You can also set for the interruption job is called when the Counter0 (Input A) reaches the value of Comparer0 or Comparer1.

Below follows an example of how it is possible to set the block added up.

The inputs and outputs of the block above are described below:

Below is a series of tables to facilitate understanding of the types of fast inputs. 

4. Fast Outputs

To access the fast outputs:

The options for quick exits are:

The 4 fast outputs ports support either type of outputs.

4.1. PWM

In the example below it is possible to see a PWM output block. Add Ladder block as shown below.

The inputs and block outputs are explained below:

Below is shown how it is possible to get the value of dutycycle, and fa frequency, T the period and the Greek letter such is the projection over the period.

4.2. PTO

The PTO output is characterized by having ramps, both accelerating and decelerating.

To add the fast output block PTO just follow the steps in the figure below:

The block inputs and outputs are described as follows:

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