[Nexto Series]

Nexto Xpress - Getting Started

Welcome to Nexto Xpress’ first steps guide, your front gate to the Industry 4.0. In this guide, it will be demonstrated how to connect Nexto Xpress ...

[Nexto Series]

Adjustment of the IP Adress through TAG`s

IP Change via ApplicationController`s IP address, sub-net mask and gateway changes can be performed at runtime by the PLC application using function blo...

[Nexto Series]

CANopen Low Level

1) IntroductionNexto Xpress controllers contains a CAN bus interface compliant with CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B standards (11-bit and 29-bit identifiers). The...

[Nexto Series]

NX3003 Fast Inputs and Outputs

To carry out this tutorial, MasterTool software 3.12 or higher is required.1. Project creationNote that the configuration serves both the NX3003 and for...

[Nexto Series]

Nexto Xpress - IP Address change

For perform the steps this tutorial, the PLC must be in STOP mode.1.    Open MasterTool IEC XE 3.11 software.2.  &nbs...

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